Sam Roberts Band announced their new album TERRAFORM, set for international release on October 28th and available for pre-order today internationally on ITunes, as well as on CD or double vinyl in Canada at Universal Music Canada and elsewhere at Paper Bag Records.

Co-produced by Graham Walsh of H*ly F*ck and Sam Roberts,  the 11 track album was recorded at the Bathouse Recording Studios, in Kingston, Ontario.

After locking themselves in studio for the month of March, the group’s time and spirit lead to the collection of songs that make up TERRAFORM.  Roberts explains, “Terraforming is the concept of going to another planet and making it viable and livable for humans. But in a sense, for this record it can be seen as planting the seeds for that sort of renewal in your own life – that regardless of how much you have broken the parts of your life along the way, there is always a chance to start over.”

TERRAFORM is the sixth full-length album release since 2015’s COUNTING THE DAYS EP and 2014’s album LO-FANTASY. Roberts believes the key to the band’s longevity is their steadfast enthusiasm to stick to their artistic guns and consistently work to make a better album each time.  Roberts emphasizes, “I think the challenge for our band is to still deliver the music with a sense of spontaneity, a sense of urgency and I think that when we go into a new record, we sort of loosen the grips of other people’s expectations and our own expectations.”
The lead single “If You Want It” is already a chart-climbing success currently in the top 5 at Alternative radio and counting.  The tune captures what Sam Roberts Band does best; creative instrumental melodies and memorable lyrics that allow their listeners to interpret their own meanings from the songs.  And in Sam’s own words: “It’s about a trip to Hell… And hopefully back…”

TERRAFORM Track listing

1. TerraForm
3. If You Want It
4. Black Spark
5. Roll With The Spirits
6. Ritual Dance
7. Tourist Trap
8. Rogue Empire
9. Lake Effect
10. The House Inside
11. Spring Fever


TerraForm Album Cover