Like the rest of the planet we’ve also been on a bit of a Beatles kick, so we tasked ourselves to pick 4 songs each to make a playlist. Everyone only had 24 hours to make their choices, kinda impossible to choose only 4 faves to be honest. Only a few doubles came up. James and Sam both picked You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away and She Said She Said. Sam took them cause James had a couple other songs in the chamber. Josh and Eric both picked In My Life, but Josh let Eric have it and put in Girl. What a kind thing to do Joshy, very “Ringo” of you bud. Order of the picks go Sam – James – Josh – Eric – Nuge then repeats. Have a listen will ya, peace and love. ✌️


You Got to Hide Your Love Away
Blue Jay Way
Two Of Us
I’ll Follow the Sun
She Said She Said
Happiness is a Warm Gun
In My Life
Get Back
Dear Prudence
Baby You’re a Rich Man
Things We Said Today
If I Needed Someone
I’ve Got a Feeling
Don’t Let Me Down
A Day in the Life

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